KRIPTOSCOPIA is a group acting performances structured in jam sessions of music and images. The purpose is a reinterpretation of the collective identity and mind bringing in relations music in loop, sounds made by laptops, traditional instruments (trumpet, flutes, bass and objects) and concrete sonority with videotapes handled through manipulated videorecorders and video sinthesizer. The dialogue between the distinct expressive styles, sounds and visions are in order to propose a melting-pot of languages for deconstructing our visual and musical culture coming from our common past. The goal is to stimulate the audicence to suggestions and sensibility regarding our future, such a penetration or clairvoyance dedicated to the tomorrow's world.

The ensemble shows a musical improvisation connected with a visual improvisation which is projected on the stage. The visual manipulation is made managing the magnetic tape of a vhs directly into an open videorecorder, following the music in live. 

The project was born in March 2013 and was shared until June 2014 in a small tour; currently on stage when we're invited.

For the creative form based on the exchange and a multi-level development of expression and interpretation, KRIPTOSCOPIA took part in the project "The Exchange Archive" at MoMA in New York (2013) and in “Estman project” at Kunst Halle Sankt Gallen (Switzerland) (2014).

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